Suki's Story

What Happened to Suki....and What Happened to Me: A Timeline

Correspondence from the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners re my complaint against Dr. Ed Nichols  (complaint dismissed)

The 1993 Arizona Sunset Review found serious problems with the board in that state. See 

Arizona Board Is Lax on Discipline, Some Say, Arizona Daily Star, June 29, 2003



In memory and honor of one very special cat.. how negligent and incompetent Edward J. Nichols, DVM, Crestway Animal Clinic, San Antonio, Texas, treated Suki. Read Suki's Story.

For information on the SLAPP lawsuit Nichols filed on me in an attempt to dismantle this site and prevent me from telling Suki's Story (he failed), go to What Happened to Suki...and What Happened to Me

For information on how then-Board Secretary Martin E. Garcia, DVM, deliberately ignored all evidence of numerous violations of the standard of care, thereby allowing Edward J. Nichols,DVM,  Crestway Animal Clinic, to remain untouched by any disciplinary action despite proof in his own records of prolonged and hideous mistreatment of Suki the Cat, go to How Martin E. Garcia Protected Edward J. Nichols, Crestway Animal Clinic.

What Is the Sunset Advisory Commission?


On May 18, 2004, I testified to the Sunset Commission in Austin on the need for reform in the complaint review process at the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. 

Oral testimony is public record and is archived at the Sunset Advisory web site.  My written testimony, entitled "Are All Veterinary Medical Boards Alike?" along with all public testimony submitted to the Sunset, is also public record. All public testimony  may be obtained by writing Meredith Whitten at the Sunset.  Email 


-- Julie Catalano


Julie Catalano is an independent journalist and a contributor to national magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and web sites for 28 years. She is the author of The Immigrant Experience: The Mexican Americans, and Earth at Risk: Animal Welfare (Chelsea House). Her latest book is The Women's Pharmacy: An Essential Guide to What Women Should Know About Prescription Drugs (Random House/Dell). She is a credentialed member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the Author's Guild. For almost 20 years, she shared her life with Suki, a seal point Siamese in whose memory this site was founded. See Suki's Story and What Happened to Suki.