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Vet Arrested in Chihuahua's Beating, (Phoenix), June 11, 2007

Veterinary Board is Lax on Discipline, Some Say, Arizona Daily Star, June 29, 2003


September 26, 2007

Arizona Vet Board Clears Chihuahua-punching Vet

Board clears veterinarian of punching chihuahua, Arizona Republic, September 26, 2007

But criminal case is "still active." 

On a 5-2 decision, the veterinary board agreed last week there was no evidence that Dr. Joshua Winston had acted unprofessionally, and it later dismissed an animal-abuse complaint against him, said Jenna Jones, the board's executive director.

Winston, the owner of Sun City West Animal Hospital, was indicted on one felony charge of animal abuse in July. 

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas called the board decision "disappointing and contrary to the weight of the evidence" and said his office will continue to prosecute Winston.

= Arizona Republic

Sad, but not surprising. Vet boards routinely go to great lengths to protect vets like this from accountability. Let's hope the district attorney can do something, but if history is any indication the vet will get away there too. Winston is also facing a theft charge:

Dr. Joshua Winston faces charges of animal cruelty and theft, according to a prepared statement from Maricopa County Sheriff's office.

The theft charges come from a separate incident in earlier this year, when Winston was to vaccinate a Neapolitan Mastiff and instead of vaccinating the dog, Winston shot the vaccination into the air and charged the dog's owner, Jeff Orth, $80. [, July 10, 2007]

My favorite comment came from this poster on the Republic's web site. 

"They decided he did not act unprofessionally!?!? Hmmm, And what does a vet charge you for the 'Professional' service of knocking your dog's eye out?"



Vet Arrested in Chihuahua's Beating, (Phoenix, Arizona), June 11, 2007

Veterinary Board is Lax on Discipline, Some Say, Arizona Daily Star, June 29, 2003

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