In memory and honor of one very special cat.. how Edward J. Nichols, DVM, Crestway Animal Clinic, San Antonio, Texas, treated Suki. Read Suki's Story. For details on the lawsuit that this QUACK Ed Nichols, Crestway Animal Clinic, filed on me in an attempt to silence me from telling what happened to Suki at Crestway Animal Clinic,  see the timeline


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ITV Goes Undercover in Documentary to Air on March 9

Nearly half of all British households have a pet – with the favourite being the loveable pooch. Watch an ITV special that sends undercover reporters to visit various vets. 


The programme meets one devoted pet owner that has paid £15,000 for treatments for her dog (only £4,000 of which was covered by pet insurance) and we reveal how she is paying a 250 per cent mark-up on medication sold to her by her vet.

And the programme interviews the victims of a vet, and the nurse that testified against him, who was struck off after being found guilty of five charges of disgraceful professional conduct. He attempted the make false insurance claims, charged pet owners for work he never did, and evidence emerged of poor treatment.

But in May last year, the same vet was reinstated and can now practice again.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has the job of regulating vets – and although they can’t dictate what vets charge – they can step in if they consider vet bills to be excessive.

The programme asks whether the Royal College is doing enough with the powers it has and if there should be more regulation in the industry.


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Action Group Against Incompetent Vets

The Bella Moss Foundation - Fighting MRSA


Bella Moss


Bella Moss (England)



Reports on First International Conference on MRSA in Animals, organized jointly by the University of Liverpool and the Bella Moss Foundation. Congratulations to Jill and Bella for bringing this about and helping to raise public awareness and save many animal lives. As Jill writes, "The British Veterinary Association and Royal College of vets need to implement strict guidelines for vets and nursing staff in how to avoid and control life-threatening infections....Animals dying of infections post-routine surgery is not bad luck. It is negligence!" (Source: Bella's Story, The Bella Moss Foundation)


Vets in the News


Vet Struck Off After Amputations, BBC News, May 6, 2005

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