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 Washington State Veterinary Board Dismisses 12-part complaint and 135 documents with "No Violation" found

From Ginger S., Romi's mom:

For those of you who are aware of and/or interested in my filing a complaint with the State of Washington, Veterinary Board of Governors on 4/28/04 against the 'guilty parties' for the needless/senseless and horrific death of my sole companion Rottweiler, ROMI, on 4/25/04, I was informed on 9/22/05 after inquiring on 9/12/05 that a decision had been made on 5/09/05 that, despite my filing the 12 part and 135 documents/exhibits fully supporting all of my allegations with hard evidence, it "was dismissed/closed" with a single conference call as "'No Violation Determined'" .

For those interested in reading the entire process, it's all contained in chronological order at:

http://rimadyldeath.com/WAVetBoard2.html  and
http://rimadyldeath.com/WA-VetBoard-3.htm [notification of "complaint dismissed" by the Washington board]

While I am certainly disappointed in the Washington State Veterinarian Board, I am not the least bit surprised at either their decision or their method of handling the matter and I feel VERY GOOD about having pursued it so relentlessly because HAD I had ANY doubts as to what's been happening and continues to happen within the veterinarian community, I'm totally satisfied that it's been fully exposed now. -- G.S.

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